• NaPoWriMo Week 3! Keep It Going!

    Hey guys! ABagOVicodin here to update you guys on what's going to be happening since we are in the third week of NaPoWriMo. I don't have any tips for you guys this week, since I am working on something for the ones who don't want to write, but perhaps do something else? I'll keep you guys posted soon after I get everything situated on my end. However I want to let you guys know what's in store for next week! Hit up after the break!

    Next week I'll give a final topic on tips for editing as we go into next month, so that you all can have a framework for how to edit stuff yourself in the future. However for now, I want to remind you all at the beginning of next month (December 1st) to send me your final word count, as well as your author name, the stories you finished, the word counts for each story, and the URLs for the stories (Google docs or fimfiction). The URLs are optional, if you don't want to have them shown. Don't cheat! I want fingers off your word doc at exactly Midnight (your time zone).

    I will raffle off the gift cards on the 8th of December along with a final posting of everyone's work. Thanks for keeping your eyes out guys, and let's catapult into that goal for the last week! Rawr!

    Disclaimer: Equestria Daily does not condone the use of a catapult for your writing. It's more dangerous than an alicorn OC.