• Music of the Day #594

    I'm actually surprised the Wasteland is so popular on that poll over there. Is it just thanks to Fallout Equestria?

    Get your music below while you think of your choices!

    [1] Source

    (Music) Life collide by Zephysonas

    [2] Source

    Lullaby for a Princess: Twilight Sparkle version by Jason Li

    [3] Source

    Daniel Ingram feat. Lena Hall - The Magic Inside (Jyc Row orchestral remix) by Jyc Row

    [4] Source

    The Magic Inside (fractilx's eurotrance remix) by Dreamland200S

    [5] Source

    Freewave - Spectacle (Hard Glitch Remix) by thefreewave

    [6] Source

    Beyond Her Garden (NekoWolf Remix) - Wooden Toaste by NekoWolfMusic

    [8] Source

    ⌠♪ Music⌡Ponytronic - Together (Original Mix) ["Thanks" Special] by OfficialPonytronic

    Future Bass

    [9] Source

    Denz Xavier - Inner Demon by Denz Xavier