• Music of the Day #589

    Oh good, we have a new music pony. Music of the Day was getting a little weird on header images.

    Get your songs below!

    [1] Source

    FireSpitter- Nightmare Moon (instrumental) by FireSpitter

    [2] Source

    Moonlit Mirror Pond by Sonic Hooves

    [3] Source

    [100 Sub Special] We'll Make Our mark (Silver Paradox Remix) w/ video by Silver Paradox

    [4] Source

    NeoN x Sonic Tap - Equestrian Echoes (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Dj NeoN Music

    [5] Source

    Ponysphere - In my own shadow by Ponysphere

    Doom Metal

    [6] Source

    [Mlp Cover] Make This Castle A Home Cover! ((READ DESC)) by ~Silver Swirls~

    [7] Source

    Cotton Candy - Panic by UndreamedPanic

    Electro House

    [8] Source

    Lunar Dance - Kindness by Lunar Dance


    [9] Source

    Stactic - Raindrops by Stactic

    [10] Source

    [Drumstep] CoRe-Ridor - Wonderland 360 by BL1NKY

    [11] Source

    May The Moon Be With You | YapSap and Wildcard by YapSap