• Legends of Equestria 24 Hour Live Stream Happening Now

    A 24 hour live stream with the devs behind Legends of Equestria is currently taking place, starting at 12:00 PM EST earlier. Expect everything from demonstrations on working with Unity, to their texturing and animation.

    And hopefully some socks. They do the best socks.

    Head on down below for it!

    Twitch Room for the event

    Full Schedule: 

    12:00Introduction With LoE Team Leaders
    13:00Modeling/Unity Work With Bludspammd
    14:00Modelling/Unity Work With Bludspammd (Cont.)
    15:003D Modeling With Hapony Hanzo
    16:00Modeling/Unity Work With Savana
    17:00Live NPC Creation/Writing With Blue Ink
    18:00LoE Q&A/NPC Implementation With Ateren
    19:00Live Quest Creation With Ateren
    20:00Live Quest Creation With Ateren (Cont.)
    21:00Quest Implementation With Ateren & Rattletrap
    22:00Boss Scripting With Natfoth
    23:00Boss Scripting With Natfoth (Cont.)
    00:00Modeling/Unity Work With Savana
    01:00UV Mapping With Frankie
    02:00LoE Fan Trivia Hour!
    03:00The Justin Experience. With Justin.
    04:00Creature Animation With Sidon
    05:00Creature Animation With Sidon (Cont.)
    06:00Looking At Cute Horse Socks With Blue Ink
    07:00Texturing With Bakasan
    08:00Classy Modeling Time With Phirenor
    09:00Classy Modeling Time With Phirenor (Cont.)
    10:00Audio Creation With Metacusis & R3tifier
    11:00Modelling/Unity Work With Bludspa

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