• EQD Podcast Announcement #2: Ask Us Your Questions!

    I'm loving the way these villains were drawn. Source.

    Hey guys, ABagOVicodin here again. So, we've been testing out the live function of our podcast for a few days, and unfortunately, it hasn't been working. As such, we will be recording our podcasts on Sunday and releasing them on Mondays. But we will still keep reminding you guys about it for a little bit, until we get a steady stream of questions. Either way, we appreciate the support on our premiere episode. You are all awesome.

    But let's get to the topic, shall we? This week's topic are the Villains of MLP. We intend to talk about the types of villains that the show has implemented. How are they different and what villains will be in future seasons?

    Make sure to ask questions on Twitter with the hashtag #EQDPodcast or in the comments section after the break.