• ThaiPonyCon Megapost

    The pony convention with one of the most awesome banners in the fandom has some new information for you guys about their 2016 event! They were happy with this year's turnout, but they are hoping to make it better than ever next year.

    Check out a little of what they have planned after the break as well as a video from the ThaiPonyCon Press Day.

    As you all know, Thailand's premier pony convention "ThaiPonyCon" will be back by popular demand in 2016! This time they hope to make it bigger and better than ever before and be able to reach out to more fans in Thailand and beyond to make sure that as many bronies get to feel the love and friendship of the convention.

    So what does ThaiPonyCon '16 have in store? There will art, there will be games and there will be much more! The convention is supported by GAMEFILLING, a licenced dealer for games and gaming gear. You'll also see PONYTHSHOP, where there are plenty of official and fan-made merchandise. Mr Manuswin a.k.a. Superbike, the owner of PONYTHSHOP and a fan-dubbing voice actor from The Genesis Dubbing will be there to add to the fun.

    That's not all, we have special highlights on stage for the event too! For the first time in Thailand we will have a mini concert by St. Pinkie, a brony musician from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as well as Live teleconference interviews with M.A. Larson and Andrea Libman!

    The event staff has said that they hope to grow the local community through this effort by supporting the activities done by the people here such as drawing, acting and voice-acting. This is the biggest pony convention in Southeast Asia and hopes to get the attention of the global brony fandom around the world. The convention is expected to draw a crowd of 700-800 attendees.

    ThaiPonyCon 2016, once again, will be taking place from 19-20 March 2016 at the ThaiSummit Tower near Metro Line Petchaburee. For more details, hit up the official website at http://ThaiPonyCon.com and on Facebook at http://fb.com/ThailandPonyCon

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