• Story: Beside Every Great Dragon there is a Great Moon (Update Part 7!)

    [Romance][Slice of Life][Comedy]

    Author: Pen Mightier
    Description: "I can face the whole world with one claw, as long as your hoof is holding the other." - A Dragon in Love -
    Greed strengthens a dragon. But what of the opposite? Spike feels a little bit of himself broken away with each passing day as Rarity flaunts her newfound love with another stallion. But that's the least of his troubles. A formal gala for which he is the guest of honour quickly approaches. With the relationship between the Council of Friendship and the nobles of Equestria at stake, he is certain this gala could only end in a big political disaster. Enter Princess Luna, cunningly disguised as the sweet elegant mare by his side, intent on turning him from a laughingstock into the star of the show. But jealousy and misfortune swiftly strike, leaving Luna permanently stuck in her disguise. Together they must maintain their cover until they somehow figure out how to fix everything. As the days pass, as the 'one more day's turn into a week, they slowly come to a startling realization - Perhaps there is nothing to fix?
    Beside Every Great Dragon there is a Great Moon (New Part 7!)

    Additional Tags: Luna and Spike romantic feelgood thriller