• Story: Battle Station Bass Cannon


    Author: Book Burner

    Description: Vinyl Scratch (aka: DJ PON-3) thought she was disk-jockeying a perfectly normal gig in Canterlot, but when she shows up, she finds the Royal Night Orchestra has taken over the club and her clients have disappeared. Attending the Orchestra's party only deepens the mystery, as it seems somepony is trying to conquer all the musicians of Equestria using the musical talents of the bowed beauty Octavia. If Vinyl wants to have any hope of winning Octavia's hoof and getting to the bottom of why her show was cancelled, she'll have to pour all her Bass Power into winning the War of the Wubs music contest to attain a Royal Rank as a musician herself!
    As if that would stop her. The power of Harmony (Remixes) will prevail!
    Battle Station Bass Cannon

    Additional Tags: Friendship is Witchcraft meets anime