• Random Merch: Princess Socks, Hoodwinks, Stockings, and More!

    We know you all like Luna in socks, but what about wearing Luna socks!? These were found at Walmart by Ryan.

    And below the break, loads of random merch! Go get it all!

    Rainbow Dash Pajamas

    It seems like pajamas are TAKING OVER

    Found at: Target
    Found by: Angela

    More Ornament Variants

    Expanding on the others!

    Found at: Khols
    Found by: Spazzy

    Pony Hoodwinks

    Found at: Meijer
    Found by: mbakos

    Pony Case Thingies

    It was three dollars, with two pencils, a sheet of stickers, and two Funko erasers.  There was Derpy and Rainbow Dash.

    Found at: Dollarama
    Found by: Libby

    Glow Pad

    Found at: Shoppers World
    Found by: Cindy

    Advent Calendar

    Found at: German store called "Tedy"
    Found by: Sorunome

    Flash Sentry and Twi Appear at Kmart

    Just in case you want these!

    Found at: Kmart
    Found by: Jordan

    Pony Stocking

    Found at: Entertainment Earth
    Found by: Jeffrey

    Rainbow Dash Tin Tote

    Found at: Entertainment Earth
    Found by: Jeffrey

    Charm Bracelet

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Micheal

    Creepy Pinata

    Found at: Flee Market
    Found by: Bob