• Music of the Day #570

    When I was a kid, I always wanted a bubble bath with giant bubbles like all the cartoons and soap bottles showed. What a disappointment when I found out these don't exist. Truly a travesty.

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    Ponysphere - All Alone by Ponysphere


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    Del Rom - The Narcissist by Del Rom


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    Luna Ticks - If Pinkie's happy by idkQuicksilver

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    Midnight Sparkle's Mine Cart Madness by KingSpartaX37


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    Sonic Rainboom feat. Faux Synder - The Constant by originalph00tbag

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    Villainy - SkyBolt (Nightmare Night Compilation Album) by SkyBolt

    Electronic, Industrial, Rock

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    Pegasi - RedSpark (original mix) by Red Spark

    [8] Source

    It's Only Rock N Roll [Starlit Flames] by GuitarBrony13

    [9] Source

    CxDr and Francis Vace - Staring by CxDr