• Equestria Daily's NYCC After Action Report—Part 1 The MLP Swag

    Before anyone asks, I only had that 1 Million Copies Variant Cover for MLP #12 CGC Graded at NYCC. No one was selling it.

    One of the neatest parts of going to New York Comic Con—or really any comic con—is just the sheer amount of stuff you can buy there that you just can't find anywhere else. The bigger the convention, the more this is true.

    While our Guide to MLP at NYCC captured most of what NYCC had to offer from the convention, it didn't quite capture everything that was available. It just couldn't. There's just way too much to accurately capture all of it. Comic Con truly is something that needs to be experienced first hand.

    You wouldn't know it from the Exhibitor's List, but there was a whole booth dedicated to nothing but Ponies, Ponies, Ponies on the show floor. Larry's Comics had their line of retailer exclusive MLP Comic covers in prominent display at their booth. The MIMOBOT MLP Flash Drives were available for purchase.

    That officially licensed NYCC MLP T-Shirt featured above was something I had no clue existed until I spotted it when I was walking past the Reed Pop show store. And that's just the stuff that I caught sight of.

    There were loads of hand crafted items featured throughout the venue. Artist Alley in particular was saturated with MLP themed prints, posters, the IDW MLP Comic Staff, original MLP Comic Pages. Yes, more than one fan of the series was overwhelmed by artist alley. One girl started jumping for joy in front of Tony Fleecs's table when she saw all the ponies he was offering for her father to buy.

    I'm sure if I was able to properly walk around the Show Floor—to quote Granny Smith, moving in the convention was "miserable and ridiculous"—I would have been able to find for sale some of the comic art dealers selling the original art they bought last year from the MLP Comic artists. Which would be in addition to everything else that I wasn't able to see but was right there.

    While the above features almost everything MLP related that I purchased from the convention, it's true value is more than just the grand total your credit card company will bill you for. Each item is a memory. Some make you laugh. That little sketch I got from Jay Fosgitt was handed to me by Bodie Troll himself—who scowled at me for calling him adorable. Some are news worthy. The Art of Equestria Book I purchased two minutes—at most—before I spotted Little Brown's announcement.

    Everything you buy at the convention is ultimately a reminder of what was hopefully a fun weekend. And there is no way I'm going to forget this convention anytime soon. For the final item that I bought at the con is the one item that my wallet is going to continue paying for for the next two months.

    For those of you curious as to what that is, you can check it out after the break.

    By the way, this is the retailer incentive cover for MLP: FiM #35, which is due out next Wednesday. So you're getting an Equestria Daily Exclusive First Look at the cover too.

    Stayed tuned for more highlights of my NYCC 2015 Exploits coming soon!