• Drawfriend Stuff #1677 - Spoilers Below the Break Edition!

    You have been warned. Stuff happened, and now it's spoiler city!  Go watch the episode, then come check out the Drawfriend post afterward.

    Now go get some art below!

    [1] Source

    Pip Squeak and the CMC by mysticalpha

    [2] Source

    Rarity - Rainbow Power by Phoenix-Fire-Soul

    [3] Source

    Rainbow Dash by CookieTasticX3

    [4] Source

    Candy Apples (Candy Apple) by SpacePonyArts

    [5] Source

    Starry Night (Request) by Crecious

    [6] Source

    Take Me Back to Manehattan by CloudDG

    [7] Source

    Happy 5th Anniversary by Behind-Space

    [8] Source

    The Cutie Mark Counselors by lynnwood

    [9] Source

    Five Years of Pony by dm29

    [10] Source

    Five Years of My Little Pony! by AleximusPrime

    [11] Source

    Jurassic Pink is frightening in the...dink? Rink? by PixelKitties

    [12] Source

    [SPOIILLLEEERRRRR] We Got Our Cutie Marks! by dennybutt

    [13] Source

    S5 E18: Never Stop the Journey by Esuka

    [14] Source

    Cutie mark crusaders by Oraura

    [15] Source

    Princess of doodles by Alasou

    [16] Source

    Brother by ScootieBloom

    [17] Source

    goth twilight by PK4G

    [18] Source

    Name's Drops. Sweetie Drops by OakenChi

    [19] Source

    The Rainy Days by SilentWulv

    [20] Source

    Not all princesses stay in castles by HamaTTe

    [21] Source

    Snowday by AntamoAnimisAN-M

    [22] Source

    EG:DarkTwi by Koveliana

    [23] Source

    Achieve by dzetaWMDunion

    [24] Source

    Goodra onesie by Dilarus

    [25] Source

    Big Book by GAlekz

    [26] Source

    Twilight by Color-Wonder

    [27] Source

    Patron Request for Quantum by Xenstroke

    [28] Source

    Nightwalk by TL1211

    [29] Source

    I'll give it to her by PainbrushBrushie

    [30] Source

    Dressed Up by PainbrushBrushie

    [31] Source

    Lil' DJ by PainbrushBrushie

    [32] Source

    by girlieginger

    [33] Source

    by mochashortcake

    [34] Source

    .:Moondancer:. by supera14ever

    [35] Source

    Trixie lulamoon, by sumin6301

    I swear some of you had the CMC pre-drawn with blank flanks ready to slap the butt stamps on there when they were revealed! So fast!