• Discussion: What Ponified World Historical Period Would You Like to See the Ponies Time Travel To?

    We may or may not see more time travel in the future of Friendship is Magic, and that unlocks LIMITLESS potential for ponification! We already see their world mimic ours in many ways, from city names to trends. It wouldn't be too surprising if some major periods in pony societal evolution also followed along with ours.

    So, what major earth world period would you like the ponies to visit in it's ponified form? Perhaps a visit to the old Roanan Empire to watch a intense pie battle in the grand Colosseum? Or maybe a deep look into the fall of the Ponazi as their intolerant views on blue frosting on cake were ended after a long, 6 year pony world war?

    Seriously blue frosting is amazing.

    Go think of things below! And vote on stuff people come up with via thumbs up so we can make a poll on it!