• Writer's Training Grounds: "Rarity Investigates" Prompts / "Canterlot Boutique" Submissions

    Rarity looks good in everything.  It's a useful talent to have when you're a fashion designer.

    Prompts, submissions, etc.  Just go below the break.

    Write a fanfic adaptation of one of Shadow Spade's Mysteries, using the first-person narrated noir style Rarity used in the episode.

    Driven by her success in proving Rainbow Dash's innocence, Rarity's passion for mystery begins to interfere with her friends' lives.

    Rainbow Dash goes on a quest to retrieve Spitfire from the Crystal Mountains, and returns in the span of a single afternoon.  What happened during her short but epic journey?

    The Writer's Training Grounds is a weekly writing exercise in which authors of all skill levels are invited to craft a story based on the prompts provided above. Responses to these prompts are posted directly on Equestria Daily in a weekly compilation post that bypasses the pre-reading process. Authors are then highly encouraged to read comment on, and promote each others' stories -- if you've ever prepared a copy-paste comment for an episode followup, consider doing the same for a fellow WTG participant!

    If you have any questions, concerns, or prompt ideas for next week's WTG, feel free to send them to pegasusrescuebrigade@equestriadaily.com with the subject line "WTG Prompt Idea" or something similar.

    • Keep the content appropriate as defined by our submission guidelines.
    • Keep it between 1,000 - 7,000 words. >Greentexts and doorstoppers should apply elsewhere!
    • Keep it to two genres maximum. For the roundup, fics will be grouped by their primary genre.

    When you finish working on your fic, use this form to submit it to the Training Grounds. However, we will require much of the same information as if you were submitting a regular fic as follows, and this document explains what these requirements are.

    1. Story title
    2. Author name
    3. Story description (~1 paragraph maximum)
    4. Word count
    5. Genre tags (2 tags maximum)
    6. Character tags (3 tags maximum)
    7. Story URL (must be hosted on FimFiction, GDocs, dA, etc.)
    8. Email address

    The deadline for submission is >>>Saturday, Sep. 26th, at 11:59pm EST<<<

    As always, please continue to leave us feedback with what works well for these events, what's not working well, your general satisfaction with these, etc. etc. and so on.

    And of course, we can't forget our Canterlot Boutique submissions.

    Normal/Slice of Life

    [Normal] - 1500 words

    Author: A Hoof-ful of Dust

    Donut Joe: a sweetie under his shaggy exterior, or soul struggling with urban ennui? Sunshine Smiles and Moonlight Raven are going to find out, one way or another.

    Total Eclipse of the Heart

    Characters: Sunshine Smiles, Moonlight Raven, 
    [Normal] - 1890 words

    Author: Hillbe

    Sweetie Belle scared of being left in the dust when Rarity opens her new boutique in Canterlot

    That Other Place

    Characters: Sweetie Belle, Spike, Rarity
    [Normal] - 1007 words

    Author: Gleaming

    Prompt: Write about the two sisters of very differing personalities that visited Rarity's boutique during the going out of business sale.

    Sister Bonding...Sort Of

    Characters: Moonlight Raven, Strawberry Lemonade , 

    [Normal] - 1699 words

    Author: KeyboardMonkey

    Sassy Saddles is in Ponyville to have a job interview with Rarity. but before she can attend it she remembers here previews jobs and what went wrong there.

    The long way to carousel boutique

    Characters: Sassy Saddles, Pinky Pie, 
    Slice of Life[Normal] - 2500 words

    Author: ScifiPony

    I had earned an opportunity to work for one of the bearers of the Elements of Harmony, but had been bad luck for myself, losing my scholarship because of my special talent with needles, and for my employers, who had lost their businesses despite my efforts. Could I accept this opportunity where I might again hurt somepony, this time somepony important? I needed help when, one fine Canterlot spring day, a friend unexpectedly walked into my life.

    Pins and Needles

    Characters: Sassy Saddles, , 

    [Normal] - 4067 words

    Author: Zeck

    The forces of Canterlot's fashion world seem aligned against Sassy Saddles. Every time is seems like she's finally settling in, something comes along and scatters her entire pattern. Feeling depressed after literally landing on her backside in the street from her latest attempt, she goes to raise her spirits at a quaint little restaurant. When she meets a pony from her past, things start to look up.

    Inbetween Jobs at the Moment

    Characters: Sassy Saddles, Vera, Lotus and Aloe
    [Normal] - 1107 words

    Author: DouglasTrotter

    Outside of a Canterlot Cafe, Sassy Saddles glances over her resume with each name eliciting a dormant memory. The unicorn mare prepares herself, steeling her will for her new job at Carousel Boutique's Canterlot division.

    A New Chapter, A New Wish

    Characters: Sassy Saddles, , 
    [Normal] - 1279 words

    Author: DiamondWillowTree

    After a wonderful day of shopping at the newly opened Canterlot Boutique, Grey Aurora and Star Bright (gothic pony and bright pony) find themselves with very few bits left and must find a job soon.

    Life Lives On

    Characters: Grey Aurora, Star Bright, 

    [Normal] - 1162 words

    Author: Metallic Roselle

    The two unicorns that dressed up as Equestrian Royalty in "Canterlot Boutique" started that day in opposing ways, but then come together over a pretzel breakfast to discuss their plan for shopping. Also, they meet up with a dear friend that will cause quite a stir later on for her appearance.

    Solara and Selena

    Characters: Solara-Bright Pony, Selena-Goth Pony, Cabbage Patch-Cubby Pony

    Slice of Life[Comedy] - 4484 words

    Author: Epsilon-Delta.

    Moonlight Raven enjoys darkness and gloom. Nopony understands her. If only she could meet a vampony or something, but what are the chances of that?

    Moonlight Raven

    Characters: Moonlight Raven, Sunshine Smiles, 
    [Comedy][Random] - 1901 words

    Author: BlndDog

    After a disastrous tax cut puts a dent in the royal coffers, Celestia and Luna are stuck cleaning their own libraries. Boredom quickly sets in, and soon the princesses are searching for amusement in a room full of ancient and powerful knowledge. On a different note, have you ever wondered how the first pony was made?

    Make A Pony

    Characters: Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Sisters from Canterlot Boutique, , 

    [Sad] - 3033 words

    Author: Shadowmane PX-41

    Snapping in a fit of rage, Rarity turns down the additional hundred orders for the Princess Dress, and declares that she's shutting down production and going into a closing-down sale. But just before she leaves to prepare, Sassy Saddles explains the tough past that she had to bear when working with other fashion ponies.

    Turmoil Wears Taffeta

    Characters: Rarity, Sassy Saddles,