• UK TV Show "World of Weird" Running a Brony Segment

    USA Based TV shows aren't the only ones that made their way over to BronyCon this year. A UK based show called World of Weird has an episode planned dedicated to their journey into the heart of pony fandom madness.  Exact description:

    My Little Pony is a world-wide phenomenon, and presenter Michelle de Swarte gets to know some of the more surprising fans: ‘Bronies’, adult males who obsess about the little plastic horses. There are estimated to be as many as 12 million Bronies around the world. Michelle heads to Baltimore to come face to face with some of them at BronyCon, the world’s biggest convention of My Little Pony fans.

     Expect it to air on September 23rd on Channel 4 over there, and hopefully around the internet for the rest of us afterward!

    (Get the trailer below)

    Thanks to SUP3R Toastr, George and Alistair for the heads up.