• The 45 Minute Animaniac PMV Has Been Moved So People Can Actually See It!

    Back in August, we posted a whopping 45 minute long Animanaic PMV. Unfortunately, it was hosted on Google Drive, and a lot of people couldn't even load it. At 45 minutes, it's a bit too large for Youtube without getting hit with the automatic copyright ban, so the team that created it has split it off onto their own channels.

    If you want to dive on in for some good old fashioned nostalgia, get all of them separate below, along with the usual EQD Bot playlist.

    [1] Source

    Ani-Mane-iacs- Skippy and Slappy (Saturday Morning Ponies Returns) by Bridleway462GHA

    [2] Source

    Ani-Mane-iacs: Good Idea/Bad Idea by DagaYemar

    [3] Source

    Ani-mane-iacs-Goodfillies: "Boids on the Hood" by DisneyFanatic2364

    [4] Source

    Ani-mane-iacs- Wakko's America (Saturday Morning Ponies Returns) by Geo Wiz

    [5] Source

    Ani-Mane-iacs: The Senses Song by DagaYemar

    [6] Source

    Ani-mane-iacs-Rarity and AJ (Rita and Runt): "Of Nice and Men" by DisneyFanatic2364

    [7] Source

    Ani-Mane-iacs: Please Get a Life Foundation by DagaYemar

    [8] Source

    Ani-Mane-iacs: Wheel of Morality by DagaYemar

    [9] Source

    Ani-Mane-iacs: Newsreel of the Stars by DagaYemar

    [10] Source

    Ani-Mane-iacs- I'm Cute (Saturday Morning Ponies Returns) by Bridleway462GHA