• ThaiPonyCon Announces 2016 Convention and Special Movie Screening

    While we're having fun over here in America and Europe, Asia isn't being left out as they begin to announce their conventions for 2016! ThaiPonyCon is pleased to announce they will be back this March, even bigger and better than ever before.

    Not only that, the group is having a special screening of Rainbow Rocks next month where more details will be announced.

    So check on after the break to get the full details in their presser!

    Following the success of Thailand Ponycon 2015, we set our aim higher than ever before. Prepare for the greatest My Little Pony fan gathering in Thailand! “Thailand Ponycon 2016” will be a two-day event filled with many fun activities and other highlights. We hope to see you on 19-20 March, 2016 at the Thai Summit Tower in Bangkok.

    Thailand Ponycon 2016 is the second gathering of the My Little Pony fan community in Thailand. After amassing over 500 attendees in 2015 including foreigners from 7 countries, it is clear that there are loads of bronies in Thailand who want to see more such events. The organizers are preparing to go bigger by extending the convention to two days by popular demand among many other highlights.

    We have many partners joining us for the convention, and this year we have prepared many special highlights so our convention would be as good as those in other countries. Furthermore, we have partnered with TIGA for a special theatrical screening of Rainbow Rocks in the cinema coming soon! There will be a short announcement for ThaiPonyCon in the cinema after the screening which will also feature the reveal of much more exciting announcements about ThaiPonyCon. Want to be among the first to know what wil happen at Thailand Pony Convention 2016? Just buy a ticket to the 10.00 AM (ICT time zone) screening of Rainbow Rocks on the 18th of October at the 11th theater of Esplanade Cineplex, Ratchadaphisek, Bangkok.

    Thailand Ponycon 2016 is scheduled for 19 - 20 March, 2016. You can follow news and announcements at the convention's official web site, THAIPONYCON.com

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOQJerNtTL8

    Main web site : http://www.thaiponycon.com/

    Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Thailandponycon

    Twitter : https://twitter.com/ThailandPonyCon

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