• Story: Music for the Mare in the Moon

    [Dark][Sad][Slice of Life]

    Author: dragonjek, Miss Spectrum

    For the nocturne of the Royal Dream Service, the night is the time when their purpose as ponies is fulfilled. By traveling through the Dreamscape, they are capable of delivering dreams to sleeping ponies across the world.
    Once each year, one deliverymare is chosen to carry a most important dream--tonight, that mare is Night Whisper. By all rights, it should be a delivery like any other.
    A routine delivery. A dream identical to that of each past year, delivered to a mare who lived each day identically to the last.
    But nothing can be called "normal" when flying to the Moon.
    Written in collaporation with AppleVonShy (or Miss Spectrum, as she's known on FIMFiction.net). Picture used with permission from enigmaticelocution. Thanks to PonyPhonic for being an amazing composer.

    Music for the Mare in the Moon

    Additional Tags: Batponies, Dreams, Nightmares, Deliverymares, Devotion