• MLP: Friends Forever #21—iTunes 3 Page Preview Released!

    Was looking through iBooks today trying to find information for an upcoming blog post series I'm working on—you'll see soon enough—when I spotted something that shouldn't be out for another week.

    iTunes has tossed up their usual three page preview for MLP: Friends Forever #21—which is expected to release in comic shops on October 7th. I shall of course be drinking more vitamin C between now and this issue's release.

    For some strange reason, I have a nasty habit of falling ill whenever I read a story about fictional characters falling ill.

    I also don't know how Agnes Garbowska managed to work it into her contract that all Spike Centric must be penciled by her, but she does a fantastic job bringing everyone's favorite dragon to life!

    Anyways, for those of you who live off of spoilers, you can find the preview after the break!

    You can pre-order it out here on iTunes.