• Major Season Finale Information in the Friendship Games Ending and Gameloft Game?

    Something interesting may be leaking out via Friendship Games and new update for the Gameloft app. With the delay of the second part of the season, the movie actually aired at a point in the overarching My Little Pony timeline that didn't line up completely with what episode we are actually at. Chances are, this is also the case with Gameloft's update cycle. If they are like any other company, these plans happened months ago, before the call to delay season 5 happened.

    Curious for more? Head on down below for potential spoilers!

    At the end of Friendship Games, pony Twilight teleports in to humanland spouting about having to deal with time loops causing her delay. We know the finale has something to do with cutie marks and Twilight Sparkle talking about the Sonic Rainboom and how lucky it was that it happened based on the animatic at SDCC. Does this hint at Starlight Glimmer using some kind of time travel magic to perhaps interrupt the origins of the mane 6?

    We also have screencaps of the Gameloft MLP game from Phcool23, showing off a brand new building called the "Cutie Castle", which houses the newly added ponies from "Our Town".

    And a new background shot from the loading screens, possibly the interior of Cutie Castle:

    If this is anything at all what the finale is going to be, it's going to be amazing. I for one welcome our new Starlight Glimmer overlord.