• Lauren Faust's First Vinyl Scratch Sketch On Ebay For Charity!

    We've got something extra special for you all today! Lauren Faust sketches of characters from the show have been relatively rare, only appearing for auction or sale a few times here on EqD, with the most notable being the wave of production sketches she sold for charity for the Japanese earthquake back in 2011.

    Now a good friend of mine has decided to offer up his sketch of Vinyl Scratch from Lauren for charity with all funds going to the Wildlife Learning Center. This sketch is the very first Vinyl ever drawn by Lauren (as verified by her handwriting on the pic) as she had already left ponies by the time Vinyl made her appearance.

    Interested in getting a piece of pony history and helping out with charity at the same time? Check the link below for the auction page and even more detailed information on the history of the drawing and on the Wildlife Learning Center.

    Lauren Vinyl Scratch Sketch Ebay Auction

    Twitter: Calpain