• Artist Spotlight: AnimeStrife009 / InkyPsycho / Flutterluv

    Hello everyone, welcome once again to the Artist Spotlight! With conventions and visiting friends and such dying down for me, let's see if I can actually stick to a schedule for these, eh? Today I've got a nice mix of traditional, digital, and even animation artists for you to check out so head on after the break for some pony art goodness.

    I am currently not accepting anymore artists for the spotlight as I still have 150 emails to go through. I'm going to start from the beginning (emails from 2013) and try my best to clear all these guys out. If you sent in an artist before, thank you so much for your patience! I never expected this feature to take off like it did so I'm a bit overwhelmed.


    I first ran into AnimeStrife through the recent ATG event and the last Friend Off we held some time ago. While still relatively new to the pony scene (his oldest piece being from late 2014) he has shown that he has quite a bit of potential! Specializing in traditional and digital artwork, he's shown quite the penchant for creating cute ponies regardless of the medium he is using, capturing their expressions wonderful no matter what situation they are in.

    If you're looking for an up and coming pony artist, check out AnimeStrife!

    AnimeStrife009's Gallery


    Next up is an artist I'm sure you all can enjoy! Inky is sort of a jack-of-all-trades sort of artist, creating a number of comics, digital pieces, abstract sort of artwork, humanized and more all in different styles depending on what sort of feel Inky wants for the piece.

    Ranging from pieces that use heavy lines and dark colors to light pieces that are lineless, Inky is sure to have something in their gallery that you'll enjoy whether it be something epic, something silly, or something cute. Check out some examples below!

    InkyPsycho's Gallery


    Last up for today might not be our most technically impressive artist, but their work has a lot of heart and dedication put behind it! A long time follower of the ATG given the folders in their gallery, Flutterluv has stuck with drawing for a long time and has created a cute yet simple style all their own while dabbling into the realm of animation.

    Filled with cute ponies, Flutterluv is eager to fill your adorable pony quota for the day! Check out some examples below.

    Flutterluv's Gallery

    Twitter: Calpain