• An Entire Derpy Themed Kid's Bedroom Has Been Created

     I remember back at SDCC 2013, hanging out at the 4DE Table for pictures of the upcoming plushies and seeing a few kids wander over and ask the guys at the booth what characters were on the way. This was about the time I realized how far our fanon characters had gone. They didn't request Rarity, Pinkie Pie, or even Rainbow Dash. Two were begging for a Luna, and every other kid wanted DERPY. 

    She may have gone through a rocky period, but there is no doubt that even the kids love our well-eyed silly mailmare.  A grandmother going by the name of Sandy decided to deck her 7 year old grandaughter's room out in all things Derpy, and it's awesome.

    Expect muffins, expect bubbles, and expect a bunch of images down below the break.