• Random Merch: 2016 Calendar, Lounge Pants, Cookies, and More!

    A new wall calendar has appeared over at a Calendar website. This one works for both 2015 and 2016 if you choose the specific options on the store page. Can ponies help guide your new years resolution in 2016?

    You can get that over here. Thanks to Roy for sending it.

    And below the break, RANDOM MERCH! Now go!

    Lounge Pants

    The laziest pants ever

    Found By: Drew
    Found At: Hastings

    Brazilian Kids Card Game

    From the submitter:

    Hot to Play- I understand that players need to combine colors and designs somehow and some drawings are black and white and can be colored.

    Found By: Daieny
    Found At: Copagloja, Brazilian Company Website

    CANDY and Cookies!

    I love cookies.

    Found By: Beth
    Found At: Canadian Toys R' Us, and a Variety Shop

    Friendship Games Sticker Book

    Found By: Shimmer okay
    Found At: Zulily

    Icing Decoration and Cupcake Cups

    I still need to eat a pony cake some day.

    Found By: TopQuark
    Found At: Bulk Barn in Ontario, Canada

    Tons of New Pony Shirts and Things at Walmart

    Found By: Presently Imperfect
    Found At: Target

    Back to School Stuff at Claires

    Found By: Ayu
    Found At: Claires 1 and 2