• Music of the Day #543

    Why don't we ever get anymore songs about Buttons mom here? A few parodies was all we ever saw. I'm disappointed fandom!

    Also socks.

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    [1] Source

    Violin Melody - The Cause of Twilight (Original Mix) | 360 VIDEO by Violin Melody


    [2] Source

    Trouble Shoes Blues - Crusader (MLP:FiM Fan Song) by Crusader

    [3] Source

    I am just a pony 8-bit by DJDarkness

    8 bit

    [4] Source

    Starlight Hates Drumstep by iblank2apples

    [5] Source

    [PMV] Chrysalis Syndrome (Flyghtning instrumental replica/remix) by Flyghtning

    [6] Source

    Igna - voxel by igna

    Future Bass