• Music of the Day #538

    We set Twilight Sparkle on fire on accident during a spell defense class, and she turned into this. Someone get the water bucket.

    Or go get music of the day below instead.

    [1] Source

    Wander by The Frost Shard

    [2] Source

    Smiles untill Death by Geshtro

    [3] Source

    Rocco488™ - Relaxing in the Moonlight by Rocco488™

    [4] Source

    Solarity by Liteheuz

    [5] Source

    Friendship is Witchcraft (BronyMike Lyrics) by BronyMike

    [6] Source

    My Past Is Not Today [8-Bit] by Joseph Stallion
    8 bit

    [7] Source

    Lost On The Moon [CitrusBite Remix] by CitrusBite