• MLP: Friendship is Magic #33 Extended Preview!

    Okey-dokey. Here we go. The time has come everyone! I hope you're all ready to bow down to the creatures of the night. For the Vampire Ponies have now taken control of the series!

    Comic Book Resources has tossed up the extended preview for MLP:FiM #33 from IDW. What possible insights could this magical transformation bestow upon Twilight and company?

    Probably not much since this is a parody of Night of the Living Tomatoes. I'm expecting camp and lots of it!

    And from what's the preview contains after the break, it looks like I won't be disappointed!

    Till next time folks. See ya 'round.

    Special thanks to Chevistian1 for the heads up!

    Update: Moved so it wouldn't get buried by EqG news.