• Friendship is Gaming Forum Launch, and TF2 Event Today!

    If there is one thing the Brony fandom as a whole loves to do, it's game together. Unleash the FRIENDSHIP by unleashing a hail of virtual bullets into your fellow pony fan! The perfect plan!

    Over the years, we have seen a multitude of communities pop up around this aspect. Many of them unfortunately slow down over time.  Because of this, we constantly need new things! Lets do it again.

    We are teaming up with the guys at Ponyville Live to launch a new gaming community and spark that side of the fandom back up. The server operator, We Are Borg, is known for running loads of pony community servers over the years (Including our old EQD ones), and going along with that side, we now have a pony gaming forum to help supplement them and anything else you'd like to do with your fellow brony in the world of games.

    Over on the side bar with all of our other new buttons, you will find a link to Friendship is Gaming. Join in, recruit people for various games, or just come play some TF2 on our initial three pony servers. You can find those over on our Equestria Daily Steam Page.

    Tonight we will be battling it out on Team Fortress. Come join me and the team at PVL for some good ol' fashioned hats: 

    The Barnyard IP: play.friendshipisgaming.com
    Tartarus IP:play2.friendshipisgaming.com
    Tree Library IP: play3.friendshipisgaming.com