• Equestrian Odysseys - Tons of Season 5 Stuff & New Cards

    Equestrian Odysseys Prerelease Weekend starts tomorrow (USA/Canada and Germany/Austria events maps here), so lots of cards will be in fan hands soon... and that means it's time for a card spoiler blowout!

    This set of MLP: CCG was made while the first half of Season 5 was still airing, which was plenty of time to put in many Season 5 characters, locations, and events (don't worry, there's still plenty of Season 1-4 material). Take a look below the break for more new Season 5 memories, many of which are on cards that haven't been revealed until today!

    For starters, Equestrian Odysseys features a lot of good stuff from episode 100, Slice of Life. There's a Bugbear Troublemaker, DJ Pon-3 and Octavia cards, the flower ponies, Dr. Hooves, Vinyl's rolling turntable, tons of muffins, and both Bon Bon and Sweetie Drops cards! Maybe in Set 6 we'll get around to using the plush shark.

    For all you Trouble Shoes fans out there, don't worry, you'll find a decent dash of him, along with Braeburn and Appleoosa. Trouble Shoes even claimed a spot on one of the cool new dual-color Friends.

    Gilda, Grampa Gruff, and Griffonstone itself also make their appearances, along with the nasty Arimaspi from the surrounding mountainside. Read the Manual is a personal favorite scene from that episode.

    Rainbow Dash's mission to keep Tank awake made it onto quite a few cards as well, in all her various facial expressions, but we wouldn't want to forget this fun trio of ponies, or their comrade Fluffy Clouds!

    Each of the CMCs have their own Super Rares this time around, with some shocking results! In this case, Apple Bloom's unending nightmare is seen on some cards, from her experiences as a pest control pony through Princess Luna's rescue.

    The most recent Grand Galloping Gala is there along with Discord's first attendance, the appearance of The Smooze into G4 pony, Tree Hugger as an Ultra Rare, and plenty more.

    But that's definitely not all. Starlight Glimmer and the four new ponies in Our Town, Twilight with pancakes on and off her face, The Cutie Map as a powerful new artifact Resource, Rainbow Dash struggling with her anger management issues... If you're looking to bring Season 5 to life in Equestrian Odysseys, we've totally got you covered.

    As mentioned in the intro, don't worry if you're a long-time fan who would pick a previous season as your favorite - there's still plenty here for you!

    Just one day until the first Equestrian Odysseys Prerelease starts up and theme decks hit stores, and just one more week until you can snag booster packs of EO in stores. The whole MLP: CCG team has been really looking forward to sharing this set with everyone, so we hope you have as much fun with it as we had making it!