• Equestrian Odysseys - Card Colors Changing Things Up

    The release of Equestrian Odysseys, the fifth set of My Little Pony CCG, is coming up later this month, so it's time to start talking about what makes this set so special. There's a lot to cover!

    Equestrian Odysseys is by far the best entry point for new players since Premiere edition! Why, you might ask? It's because of one of the topics of this article: single-color Problems really simplify deck building. More on that below.

    And there's plenty here for veteran players to read about, since we'll take some time to talk about the introduction of dual-color cards, and spoil some more dual-color and single-color cards below!

    Many players enjoy collectible card games by getting a theme deck off the shelf and playing with friends, and that's great! There are lots of people who truly enjoy the game only if they build their own deck, and single-color Problems will have a big impact on the learning curve of deck building.

    Before Equestrian Odysseys, beginners of the game were encouraged to make two color decks, and learning the ratios of what colors to include takes a little practice to get just right. Now that there are Problems that can be solved with just one color, players who want to make single-color decks are free to do so. That means that anyone who has played the game a couple times can quickly and easily create a deck that works!

    For example, above we have a Problem that can be confronted by just having Blue characters there on your side, and below you can take care of the gunky Gala with a combination of White and ANY color, including more White if that's what you have. Easy!

    On the other hoof, if you're looking to really invest into your two color strategies, Equestrian Odysseys introduces dual-color cards! These are often pretty powerful, since they require power investment into two different colors.

    Usually you need to play a Troublemaker to a Problem and then wait one turn for them to turn over and become a menace. Twilight here gets around all that nonsense by going out there and MAKING friendship problems!

    Golden Harvest has a simple, poweful effect: she shows up and all your other Friends at that Problem get +1 power counters, which gives them +1 power for the rest of the game!

    We finally learned what Bulk Biceps does around Ponyville: massage dragons into submission. This Bulk Biceps has pretty easy requirements for a powerful effect, and even pays you back a little when he leaves play.

    Dual-color cards aren't limited to just Friends! Events and Resources get in on the fun, like this action token generating event for Blue/Purple.

    So there you go, an introduction to how single-color Problems and dual-color cards are going to change deck building forever in MLP: CCG! There's plenty more to share about Equestrian Odysseys in the coming weeks, like the seven new keywords, what "Immediate" means, and all about the upcoming Theme Decks, so stay tuned!