• Drawfriend Stuff #1618 - Fuzzy Ears are Best Ears

    LET IT BE KNOWN. I have spoken to the pony that created the pony that created Celestia and Luna, and they have imparted GREAT WISDOM unto me. The citizens of Equestria, thousands of years ago, began to shave the fluffy points on their ears as part of some horrible new fashion that still hasn't died. We must bring it back!


    And get some art below.

    [1] Source

    Shimmer pone by AntamoAnimisAN-M

    [2] Source

    Celestia and Apple Blossoms by PastelMistress

    [4] Source

    Up To Mah Eyes... by Daniel-SG

    [5] Source

    Want some chocolate milk? by mlpsuperstar

    [6] Source

    [BronyCan] - Nouveaux Badges by Temrin

    [7] Source

    Mad Max by Sketchywolf-13

    [8] Source

    Penk Confused by sykobelle

    [9] Source

    Moguera's Cuties by nauth

    [10] Source

    Very Sleepy by wildberry-poptart

    [11] Source

    Brusha Brush by CaptainPudgeMuffin

    [12] Source

    What cha wanna do? by Alazak

    [13] Source

    Dr. Whooves and Derpy by miszasta

    [14] Source

    Dresdenshy by Crux9011

    [15] Source

    Galacon requests by FoxInShadow

    [16] Source

    Celestiaesthetics by Giumbreon4ever

    [17] Source

    Quiet Tme by EbonyTails

    [18] Source

    Mad Twilight by luckythedog

    [19] Source

    Half Hour Apples by DimFann

    [20] Source

    Mother's Day by vavacung

    [21] Source

    Fallout Equestria: Atom Bomb Baby~ by ApplesToThe

    [22] Source

    You're Under Arrest! by PedroHander

    [23] Source

    Rainbow Dash-Mega Man by SpinOffJoe

    [24] Source

    Diamond and Dazzle: Fluff by MagerBlutooth

    [25] Source

    EQG Applejack by NCMares

    [26] Source

    Rainbow Heart by Koveliana

    [27] Source

    My Good and Faithful Student by AskBubbleLee

    [28] Source

    White Dreams by AskBubbleLee

    [29] Source

    Creativity by iMarieU

    [30] Source

    The Legacy of Betrayal by Huussii

    [31] Source

    [Request] Invitation to Special Party by Behind-Space

    [32] Source

    Unnamed oc by Scarlet-Spectrum

    [33] Source

    Game On! by Novaintellus

    [34] Source

    I'm sorry that I broke your heart by el-yeguero

    [35] Source

    Helping? by lolepopenon

    [36] Source

    Nocturnal Creatures by ChanceyB

    [37] Source

    Neon Storm by Shadowlux100

    [38] Source

    ~Digital Sound~ by Onylex

    [39] Source

    In Search for Muffins by NinjaHam

    [40] Source

    Twilight Sparkle by sakimichan