• Calpony Sells Out For Google Apps Bucks - Pony Land

    Well, I did not expect this to happen: my own pony selling out for big internet bucks. When I woke up this morning I was greeted with a tweet from a fan about spotting Calpony on the Google Apps store.

    While it did look like Calpony, I had to dig deeper to make sure it was really him. Things proceeded to get weird...

    First things first was to check out the game itself. After all a game with just an icon showing a pony that looks like Calpony doesn't mean he is even in the game. I was soon proven wrong as I opened the game for the first time and was given Calpony as my default horse, showing that the pony in question even had the same brown socks and light brown hooves as Cal.

    A quick search of Google for the game popped up a bunch of images of Calpony's doings in Pony Land that he had been hiding from me since 2013 when the game came out!

    Cloning himself and wearing silly accessories

    Enjoying holiday getaways

    Stoned Racing

    And even his favorite subject: Biology!

    I'll be keeping my eye on this little horse to see if he sells out any further. If so I at least want some of that cash!

    Heh, in seriousness guys, I just found all this to be rather silly and wanted to share it with you! If you're a fan of Calpony or if you hate Calpony and want to starve your own version of him, you can find the game at the Google App Store here.

    Twitter: Calpain