• Brony Thank You Fund - BronyCon Discount Program UPDATED

    Want a bunch of discounts and free stuff at BronyCon from the vendors in attendance? The guys over at the Brony Thank You Fund have put togeather a system that lets you get deals on piles of pony merchandise by wearing the tag up above. All you need to do is donate $5 for it.

     UPDATE: The pin above is not used for getting discounts, it's a different one.  My bad!

    Head on down below the break for the details!

    Following the success of our discount programs at BABScon, EFNW and Trotcon, the Brony Thank You Fund will be bringing it to BronyCon. For a $5 donation to the fund, you will receive a collectible “I Helped Buck Cancer” pin unique to BronyCon 2015. Not only does all the money go to fight pediatric cancer through the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, but it will also score you big savings!

    Nearly three dozen dealers have already signed up to give discounts to generous donors wearing the pin. These discounts ranged from a free postcard with a purchase to $3 off a purchase of $10, and more! Just one or two of these discounts can save you more than your original donation. The full list as of July 29th is included below, but based on past experience, we expect many more will sign up by the time the floor opens Friday morning. Just look for vendors with our signs.

    Of course, a donation of $12 will get you BOTH the pin and one of our awesome 2016 calendars. We’ll also be having a silent auction for the only Rainbow Dashfire Transformers action figure that survived shipping with a non-destroyed box. Just look for us at booth #501 for your button, a calendar, or a chance to win this one-of-a-kind collectable.

    While all the vendors are being outstandingly generous with their offers, we wanted to mention a few in particular. The folks behind Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder will, for the fourth straight ponycon, give a free mini-expansion pack with any purchase.  Pegasessories will have a special screen printed patch available exclusively for donors, while Sciggles Creations will have a custom engraved mini-badge featuring an certain expert on bucking. Both of these are limited quantities, so be sure to donate early if you’re interested.

    Also, if you are a vendor and are interested in participating, please contact us ASAP at info@bronythankyoufund.org, as we will be sending our vendor list and map off to the printers in the next few days, and you really want to be on it!

    101 NinjaTwilight 10 percent off
    105 Twisted Sketch Productions $3 off purchases of $10 or more
    112 10art1       Free TSSSF card with any purchase
    119 Sunset Dragon Free bookmark with purchase
    122 Prismal Productions 1 Free Button with purchase of a Print / 1 dollar off Prints / 1 Free Sketch(only redeemable once)
    125 Ellistrations Free button of their choice with a purchase of $10 or more and a discount of $5 on a purchase of $50 or more
    209 The Ghostly Muse Free $5 print with a purchase
    211 KeyLime Creations 5 off purchases of $20 or more 
    230 Rhythm's Renderings Buy one get one of equal or lesser value half off!
    Wispy's Works & 
    Jitterbug's Corner
    232 R Fandom Plush wings for $10 (normally 15)
    320 Jetpack Comics LLC My Little Pony CCG: Premiere Edition 2-Player Starter Set to people wearing the button for just $10
    330 Death Taffy A free postcard with any purchase of 20 dollars or more
    332 Twilight Sparkle's Secret 1 free mini-expansion
    Shipfic Folder
    402 Fur the 'More $5/$10/$15/$20 off memberships (depending on tier)
    412 DarkFlame 20% off of any one print or $1 off of one of my buttons/keychains
    414 The Inner Goddess Soap  10% discount on purchases over $20
    416 Viw's Art       10% discount on credit card sales
    425 Ask Duke Pony and  Free 2 minute speed drawing Good Guy Mike
    432 LeekFish         Postcard with Purchase
    503 Arcane Creations $2 off a coin purchase (1 discount per person), free Bronypalooza accessory with a $10+ purchase, and 25% off on glider toys
    506 Earthsong9405 Buy one print, get another of equal value or less for half-off.
    511 The Man Bag A4 print-freebies with each purchase
    531 Doodle Song Free print with purchase
    607 Sugar Clay Cafe A free button badge set of the voice actors with a purchase
    610 Littles Toy Company 5% discount
    612 8-Bit Brony/Top Plush Free poster with purchase of a game
    620 Sciggles Creations Wood engraved badge with $20 purchase
    625 Diction Art Free button with any purchase
    631 EquinePalette Arts $5 off a purchase of $20 or more
    722 E the Pony Embroidery Free green carry-all backpack with any purchase (limit 80)
    729 Silver Games LLC 5% off
    811 Pegasessories Special exclusive screen printed patch
    817 PrinCrim 20% off prints
    906 BronyHouse Free 4x6 with any purchase over $10
    908 The New Gray Mare Free magnet of their choice with any purchase. Secondly, they may receive a discount of $3 off a purchase of $30 or more
    910 M.a.D. Hatters Free button of their choice with any purchase
    916 Butts n Stuff $2 off a purchase of $10 or more
    920 Harts and Hooves Free refrigerator magnet with purchase