• Stay Brony My Friends #106 - Pen Stroke, Writer of Past Sins

    Past Sins was one of those early fandom fanfics that helped fuel the surge of new authors over the years. Pen Stoke has done a lot of major stories over the years, and now he joins Dustykatt for a bit of charity!

    Head on down below for the episode and press release.

    Writing...that human pursuit to give other humans pause to think, feel, and sometimes even cry. Just ask M.A.Larson! And if you were with us last Monday you could have asked Pen Stroke, writer of such awesome

    stories such as "Past Sins", "Winter Bells", "Last Evening Together", "Creeping Darkness", and "Wise Beyond Her Years" just those types of questions.

    Check out the YouTube replay for all the talk about characters, pronunciation, grammar and fan fiction pet peeves!

    Charity work moves ahead full steam as Pen would love for us to support "Developments in Literacy"

    There are places in the world where being female means being condemned to a life of illiteracy and no education. Societies where this happens are among the poorest, most war-torn and worst in health care in the world. But history shows that, without exception, educating the women and girls of a nation leads to better life expectancy, a better standard of living and a much greater chance for peace for everyone involved. And nowhere is this more needed than in the Middle East, where women are treated as little more than property.

    Developments in Literacy, a four-star charity, has targeted Pakistan for building schools and for training women to become teachers. By concentrating upon the basics, by building the infrastructure of learning, Developments in Literacy is helping to transform Pakistan from a medieval, tribal battlefield into something better for all.

    And we’re here to help them do it! Your donations, matched as always one-for-five by Caerdwyn up to one hundred matched, will go directly to pushing back the darkness.

    And that’s manly, yes it is. Donate at this link https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/manliestbrony/DIL

    More great stuff will be given away, get a chance by donating as little as 5 dollars. If we break that magic 500 bits barrier this time, Pen Stroke has something special for you!

    A FIRST PRINT COPY OF PAST SINS! Signed by himself and ready for you. This will be the LAST copy he ever give away so if you would like a sweet hardbound copy of this wonderful story

    then get over to Manliestbrony.com and give our charity drive a few bits.

    And again, thank you for all your support!

    Dustykatt & Screwball