• Spanish Summer Wrap Up Festival Opens Ticket Sales

    We will ponify... ALL THE COUNTRIES. Another convention is recruiting people to buy tickets and make it a badass event! This time in Madrid. Head on down below the break for infos on how you can join in on it.

    We are opening for tickets for Summer Wrap Up Festival 2015!

    You can choose to buy a ticket for either Saturday the 12th or Sunday the 13th of September for 8€, or a ticket for both days for just 14€, good for Saturday and Sunday.
    We also have special prices for bronies younger than 12, for 5€ a day (Saturday or Sunday) or 9€ for both days.

    All you need to know to buy your ticket can be found in our webpage.

    Also remember that, until 23rd of August, you can get your ticket at a reduced price as a perk in our Indiegogo campaign.