• SDCC - Pony Panel Major News Points (15+ Updates)

    It's that time of the year once again! The annual SDDC panel is under way, and all the amazing news that goes along with that. We just found out season 5 is going to be split, so we can expect this one to focus on both the upcoming Friendship Games movie, along with the second half later in the year.

    Now go! Below the break, I will be releasing periodic updates as they come in. Dont expect a whole lot of formatting. Expect some typos. Here we go!


    Tomorrow's episode starts with Rainbow Power and Luna going Nightmare Moon Mode

    Every season they try to push flash further and further as their equipment and skills improve. They always challenge themselves to make the episodes more awesome.

    Excellent dialogue between Lyra and Bonbon (Ashleigh Ball and Andrea Libman). Lyra jealous of Bonbon staring at Appljack

    Awesome animatic with a song from Lena Hall played (should appear later)

    Fluttershy has a brother. We will see him soon!

    Apple Family stuff on the way, with Hearthswarming Eve episode on the way for it.

    Season 6 currently being recorded

    You may see a return of a villain or two, but not in the way we think

    Jayson is currently working on the movie

    New character coming: Orchard Blossom. Meghan thinks shes hilarious

    Starlight Glimmer is coming back!

    Animatic here

    Q and A:

    Q: Are any of the mane 6 or background ponies going to be in a visible relationship?
    A: Never say never, they like to stick to friendship, the mane 6 are so busy.

    Q: When are you going to make season 6, and will it come out with starlight?
    A: Shes coming back in season 5 first! It depends on what happens in the season finale.

    Q: Why can't vinyl speak?
    A: She speaks through her music. Maybe she chooses not to speak. They like her as the pony of no words, because it makes her cooler

    Q: If Sunset Shimmer was an element of harmony, what would she be?
    A: It has been discussed before. Meghan thinks its empathy.

    Q: Are there going to be more comics in season 6?
    A: As long as people keep buyin them!

    Q: Will Gilda come back in season 6?
    A: Lets just worry about season 5!

    Q: What season are the CMC Getting their cutie marks?
    A: When they deserve them. They asked if they want them to get their marks, and all the kids said yes.

    Q: Favorite Ponies:

    Andre - Granny Smith
    Ashleigh - Fluttershy
    Brian - Rarity
    Jim - Applejack
    Meghan - All of them
    Jayson - Maud
    Mike - Rainbow Dash

    Q: Are they going to involve Pinkie pies sister in any other big episodes?
    A: Maud and all the pies are coming

    Q: Will we ever see an episode where Derpy and Doctor Whooves travel in the tardis?
    A: No

    Q: Are we going to run into the original sunset shimmer human?
    A: Perhaps

    Q: Who is your favorite character in the 10th episode who wasnt the mane 6?

    Andrea - Lyra
    Ashleigh - Bonbon
    Brian - Gummy
    Jim - Doctor Whooves

    Q: When will season 5 be on netflix?
    A: July 31st first half

    Q: Are we ever going to see more sons based on other usicals?
    A: They take a lot of inspiration from everything musicwise. They keep trying new things. He thinks we will be happy. FROZEN vibes on the way.

    Q: If pony ever ends, will there be a reality TV show about Twilight and Spike?
    A: Now there will be

    Q: Will there ever be an episode where one of the mane 6 helps a pony out with autism?
    A: They have thought about it

    Q: Will there be any news about Cadance and Shining having a foal?
    A: A very long maaaybe? What happens in crystal empire stays in crystal empire

    Q: Would you ever consider fully articulated pony merchandise?
    A: More of a question for hasbro's toy departent. Awesome stuff coming though that they know of.

    Q: Are there other stories or characters you hvent found the right approach for yet?
    A: Lots of times they think of stories that get tabled until they can find a good way to do it. Mike wants a Celestia episode.

    Q: Have seaponies been considered?
    A: When global warming melts the ice caps and the ponies are forced to evolve

    Q: What was the inspiration for the mane 6?
    A: Lauren Faust was a huge pony fan and would make up personalities as a kid with her pony toys.

    Q: How do they think of episodes per season?
    A: At the beginning of each season they have a big writers summit where they write episodes for the season.

    Q: What is Derpys real name?
    A: Everyone knows her real name

    Q: What would happen to each of the mane 6 if the rainboom didnt happen?
    A: Wait for the finale!

    Q: Are we ever going to find out everyone's greatest fear?
    A: They have a fun episode coming up about being afraid of things, showing what each of the characters find scary.

    Q: Kid asks, fans make a lot of ships - Who is your favorite fan ship?
    Jayson: Doesnt know
    Jim: he doesnt have time to keep up
    Meghan: Can't read fanfiction so she doesnt really know. Discord and Fluttershy tweets happen a lot.
    Ashleigh: Applejack and Rainbow Dash

    Q: Will any new characters be introduced to Twilight and the Mane 6?
    A: Of course

    Q: How does it feel being on this show?
    A: It feels amazing. They work on them for months, do what they think is right, and see our reaction. It fuels them.

    Q: Are we giving Derpy any major roles in the show?
    A: She got a ton of love in the 100th episode. Jayson wants to do an episode about only her being able to see something and solve a crime

    Q: Will there ever be a tardis in the show?
    A: Not unless we want to get sued!

    Q: Have you ever thought of bringing fan ponies into MLP?
    A: They can't

    Q: What can they visit without getting in trouble?
    A: Just Hasbro stuff. Most comes to them. Safesearch ON!

    Q: Will they bring Sunset Shimmer back into the pony world?
    A: They have played around with the idea. Maybe!

    Q: A lot of old characters are returning. Will we see more, or expect different new areas?
    A: We are doing a season 6, so expect both.

    Q: Is Discord going to appear in Equestria Girls?
    A: You will see!

    And that's the end of the questions! Expect some of the animatics later.