• Random Merch: Lip Balm, Beach things, Cake Candles, and More!

    Pony Lip Balm? Finally. We used to eat this stuff when I was a kid. There was a company that mass produced crazy scents, but they taste amazing. Needless to say everyone just sorta licked their lip balm all day. Good times.

    Thanks to Framwinkle for that one, found at Hastings.

    Get your Random Merch below!

    Pony Pals Multi-Purpose Beach Sheet

    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: mlpon3

    Twilight, Rainbow, and Pinkie Beach Bag

    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: mlpon3

    MLP Rainbow Straws

    40 glorious ponified... straws.

    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: mlpon3

    Birthday Cake Candle

    That's a new one. We haven't seen much in terms of cake decoration over the years.

    Found At: Mexico
    Found By: iamthejam

    Rainbow Dash Plush Pencil Holders

    Found At: Fred Meyers
    Found By:  Framwinkle


    Found At: Hot Topic
    Found By: Framwinkle

    Party Tube

    Loads of things, from posters to stickers.

    Found At: Costco
    Found By: Mike

    Puzzle Book in Brazil


    The fastest pegasus pony in Equestria is already prepared for another day of work.
    Rainbow Dash is responsible for take care of the climate. She can let the sky blue, make a rain or create a beautiful rainbow.
    But today the pegasus decided to train their aerial acrobatics and that means bright sun.
    Found At: Brazil
    Found By: Daieny

    New Stock at Walmart:

    A lot of these are already at Toys R' Us and other locations, but a shipment just came in with a bunch of friendship is magic collection and Friendship Games stuff for those without a Toys R' Us, or without stock.

    Thanks to Smith for the heads up!

    And that about covers it for this one! Lots of merch coming in lately though, so expect another soon. If you sent something in, it will probably be in the next one, or a future one!