• My Little Pony Movie News Coming Soon

    We weren't too sure if reporting news that news is coming soon was really allowed, but Rainbow Dash got paint all over our gaming room, so we didn't have anything better to do.

    During Hasbro's Earnings Conference Call the other day, a short blurb about Allspark studios and it's work on the upcoming 2017 pony movie was dropped. Apparently they will be announcing news on it shortly, including distributor and cast.

    General transcription:
    "As you look at Allspark, the next major production is the my little pony animated film, which will come out in 2017. We will announce a distributor shortly. Again, we are able to make that movie for more of a nominal cost than a traditional animated film given all of our experience and expertise in animated television production. Although, this certainly will be on scale with all the other animated films you've seen in terms of quality and the look and the feel of the movie. The music, as well as the cast, is quite good. But I won't steal the team's thunder, they will announce that shortly."
    Good stuff on the way! Expect a report as soon as we get more information.

    Until then, we clean up paint.

    Thanks to Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship for the heads up.