• Music of the Day #535

    SHE IS THE NIGHT. And with her come another set of random songs for your Music of the Day experimenting pleasure. What will you find? Will your ears survive? Head on down below the break for he ultimate in experimental music listening technology.

    [1] Source

    Harmonic - Kiki by Harmonic

    [2] Source

    Hearts Strong As Horses (Panic's Remix) by UndreamedPanic

    [3] Source

    The Dazzlings VS Michael Jackson (Battle of the monsters) by The Invisible Mare

    [4] Source

    Ponies Are All I Got (MLP Parody of Sublime's "What I Got") by 1st Capital Official

    [5] Source

    fractilx - what is life? by Dreamland200S

    [6] Source

    ShobieShy - Ponies 101 - #1 - Here Comes Shobie by ShobieShy

    [7] Source

    A True True Hoedown 4​.​0 - [A True True Friend Remix] by Sine Wave Frequency
    EDM / Hardstyle

    [8] Source

    Spinning Rhythm - The Element of Loyalty by Spinning Rhythm