• Music of the Day #528

    Why isn't there one of those hologram versions of a Hatsune Miku pony yet? Aren't holograms and virtual reality in general something the pony fandom should be all over? Get on it people that read these weird blurbs and wonder as I slowly lose my mind more and more.

    And get your music below.

    [1] Source

    MLP: EG: RR "Friendship Through The Ages" - Synthesia Piano Cover by Dmitry Dmitriev

    [2] Source

    [Glitch Hop] CoЯe-Ridor - Caramel Day (Equine Morality) by CoRe-Ridor
    Glitch Hop

    [3] Source

    If I - Sights unseen by Sights Unseen


    [4] Source

    Kaoss Walker- Sound the Sirens by Kaoss Walker


    [5] Source

    Progressive Element - Apple Engineer by Progressive Element

    [6] Source

    WoodenToaster - Prototype (Thrasher Remix) by ThrasherOfficialMusic

    Electro / Metal

    [7] Source

    Drixale (Remix) Sweetie's Big Race of SherclopPones by Drixale DI

    [8] Source

    R3ctifier - Wonders Flutter By (BronyGuess Remix) by BronyGuess

    [9] Source

    Rockin'Brony ft. CyrilTheWolf - Aces High [Cover] by Rockin'Brony