• Music of the Day #527

    Music of the Day requires BATS. They are the only reasonable respresentation of this post. Forget music ponies.

    Get music of the day below. And celebrate bats.

    [1] Source

    D.I.S.C.O.R.D. by Kibapie

    Punk Rock

    [2] Source

    Babs Seed Cover (instrumental) by Temp 333

    [3] Source

    EnsionD ft. Vaceslav - She'll Be There (Strigidae Remix) by Atrium Strigidae

    [4] Source

    (Rap) Mane - You said I wouldn't make it by Mane [Official]

    [5] Source

    (MUISC AMBIENT) Everfree Forest Fey by Zephysonas

    [6] Source

    MLP FIM: Twilight's Theme from Fighting is Magic (Piano Version w/Sheet Music) by Mlplifegoeson

    [8] Source

    [Progressive House] Brodub - Strong Together (Original Mix) by Original Brodub De

    [9] Source

    What You See Ft. Dreamchan - Panic by UndreamedPanic
    Progressive House

    [10] Source

    Animal Science - Applejack's Lullaby by A Little Bit for Charity

    [11] Source

    Ponysphere - Bake on (Hurriganes cover) by Ponysphere