• Music of the Day #522

    Wow, you guys and your reading into things. They are clearly just friends right? Don't be ridiculous!

    Get your Music of the Day below while we interview Bonbon and Lyra for the deets.

    [1] Source

    Quesadillas by New Reverian Music


    [2] Source

    Aviators - Friendship (Orchestral Cover) by The Canterlot Symphony Orchestra


    [3] Source

    Injustrial - Conform by Injustrial


    [4] Source

    Liquid Harmony-Freedom by Liquid Harmony

    [5] Source

    Spectra & Acouste Wholenote - Behind Those Eyes (Metapony remix) by meta pony

    Progressive House

    [6] Source

    Noc.V - Love Is In Bloom by Noc.V

    [7] Source

    Tampopo Tempo [Delirium] by Auswahlaxiom

    Experimental Folktronic Rock

    [8] Source

    Flyghtning - The Twitermites by Flyghtning

    Hard Trance