• MLP:FiM #32 Jetpack Comics Bronycon Convention Exclusive Cover Revealed!

    Buried in EQD's guide to SDCC 2015, a little piece of news for slipped out from Tony Fleecs. Actually it's a couple of pieces of news. First up, what's featured above! The beautiful connecting half to Friends Forever #18 Convention Exclusive Cover! We kind of figured it was going to feature alternates of the Mane 6, but I don't think anyone was expecting a line up of Future Twi, Reflection Applejack, Flutterbat, Zap, Nightmare Rarity, Greedy Spike, and… Pinkamena Diane Pie.

    Out of that whole lineup, it's the pink one that scares me the most.

    And Tony also dropped this.

    And that's pretty much it! Thanks to Mark and Autumn at Daydreams and Giggles for hooking up the booth space. After SDCC I'm not doing another con until
    BRONYCON in Baltimore! August 7-9.
    Speaking of which-- Here's a peek at two (out of a BUNCH of) Bronycon Exclusives I did this year. It's one of my favorite pony pieces I've done yet. Can you name them all?

    Well guys, if I were attending Bronycon this year, I would definitely pick these cover up! I wonder how many exclusive covers Tony has done for Bronycon this year?

    Eh, I'm sure that information will be out on Wednesday Night. Preview Night of SDCC. When MLP:FiM #32 goes on sale a week early to SDCC Attendees. 

    Special thanks to Tony Fleecs, Chevistian for the heads up!