• Bronystudy Details BronyCon Plans, and Opens a New Survey For Season 5 and Meetups

    We have been analyzed for the last few years by the folks over at Bronystudy, and they continue their persuit of pony-based science with a few upcoming events:

    The researchers at the Bronystudy are happy to announce:

    1) We will be presenting TWO panels at BronyCon in Baltimore and hope to see you all there!

    2) We have signed a contract with McFarland Press for the long awaited 'Brony Book' and hope to release it at BronyCon 2016.

    3) We have launched a new survey that assesses fans' perceptions of Season 5 and why fans DO and DON'T attend local Brony Meet-up Groups.

    If you want in on any of this, have some links:
    Meetup group Survey
    Main Website