• Why Is There a Sudden Trend in Getting Twilight Pregnant? New Android Game "The Pony Born Baby"

    Just in case you weren't weirded out enough last time, the Twilight Sparkle is once again giving birth... to herself. I don't know why this keeps happening, but this one is even more bizaare than the last.

    Maybe there is some kind of mistranslation going on between whatever country keeps pumping these out and the normal English version? Maybe one of those terrible US based companies that spam the mobile markets with crapware forgot to double check the google translate results before firing it off in Chinese? Who knows.

    Go be amazed below. If you like Twidash, expect a treat.

    Somewhere in that translation, Rainbow Dash became a dude. Or maybe Twilight magic'd some dude equipment on there. It's a thing that happens. I bet there are fanfics about this exact situation.

    Rarity too. Gotta have that relationship drama on the side. Wut?

    Not to be underestimated in the WTFtier, Twilight Sparkle's pregnancy apparently ran into some comlpications. You get to sedate her and perform a C-section. Add creepy ass water bottles to the mix for maximum effect.

    This is marketed at little girls BTW.

    And out pops a healthy baby... Twilight.

    Take part in the incredibly engaging wrap-up mini game, where you tap three arrows for a win.

    And that is it. Literally it. The entire thing takes about 45 seconds, maybe less if you speed run it. "Click4games" really knocked it out of the park.

    You can find this masterpiece over here.

    Thanks to Colgate Smiles for the heads up!