• Summer Wrap Up Festival 2015 - Guest Announcement and Crowd Funding Campaign

    If you happen to be located somewhere around Madrid, a new convention team is currently crowdfunding an event. If that sounds interesting to you, get the full press release below the break!

    Summer Wrap Up Festival 2015 - Guest Announcement

    We are proud to reveal out three VIP Guests, three members of the Spanish dubbing team of "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic". They are Carmen Calvell, Yolanda Gispert e Carmen Ambrós, who lend their voices to three elements of the mane six (Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie), as well as other secondary characters (the princesses, Cheerilee, Trixie and Nightmare Moon). They also participated in the dubbing of dozens of animes (Evangelion, Berserk, Saint Seya,...), videogames (Profesor Layton, Phoenix Wright, Far Cry,...) and ocidental shows (Adventure Time, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Steven Universe,...). They will be at the con from Saturday the 12th to Sunday 13th, midday, for a panel where they will explain their work in the show and answer your questions.

    Crowd Funding

    The day has come! From today, Wednesday 24, until the 23rd of August, we start our Indiegogo campaign. As we mentioned earlier this week, our intention is to raise 500€ to give an impulse to the creativity of the event. Thanks to this money, we will be able to fund the arrival of the VIP guests, a better them decoration we have planned, a merchandise shop for the con (t-shirts, pins,...), better activities... In summary, which will convert a long-time expected event into a unique experience.

    As perks for those who decide to contribute you have the entrance tickets at a cheaper price, including an exclusive poster, as long as some other campaign exclusive products, designed by spanish brony artists: Griffith, VegaNya, Taila Fox and James Corck.

    We thank to all of you who can donate and give a last push to this project. We'll see you in September!