• Random Merch: More Blindbag Erasers, Juice, Table, and More!

    More of those blindbag style pony erasers have appeared. These in particular were located at Target by Blaz and Annie. I wonder how deep that collection will go? With how much they reprint blind bags, I can only imagine.

    Time for pony merch! Get the usual boatload of it below!

    3D Sticker Kit

    Found at: Toys R' Us
    Found by: Perfectly Imperfect

    Pony Pez Appear

    More of these guys in the wild for those looking to collect!

    Found at: Five Below, Chicago IL
    Found by: Victor

    Toddler Cup

    Found at: Safeway
    Found by: stardreamer

    Pocket Tissues

    Found at: Dollar Tree
    Found by: rave crocker / Blas and Annie

    My Little Pony: Friends Forever Volume 4

    Compiles up multiple Friends Forever issues. Releasing September.

    Found at: Amazon / (Volume 7 also available for main series)
    Found by: John

    Weird Knockoffs

    Giraffe ponies?

    Found by: ClassedApex

    Micro Lite Rainbow Dash

    Flash light with figure. We have seen a lot of these over the years.

    Found at: Target
    Found by: Mr. Decision

    3 Piece Table and Chair Pony Set

    Found at: Aldi
    Found by: Duel Monster

    Middle East Juices


    Found at: Saudi Arabia
    Found by: Assad