• New York Times Falls for Fake Story About Dylann Roof, Believing Him to be a Brony

    As most of you are probably aware, last week a 21 year old going by the name of Dylan Roof attacked a high profile African American church, killing several of it's members in the middle of a service. Without going off on a tangent on how ridiculous racial crimes are in the 21st century,  I think we can all agree that anything like this sucks.

    In true dark-side-of-the-internet fashion, someone figured they'd try pinning the blame on our pony loving fandom here. Images of the shooter photoshopped to wear a Rainbow Dash shirt started circulating around the internet, which lead to the New York Times falling for it. A 16 year old fed them all sorts of phony information, which was eventually published.

    Fusion dropped an article calling them out on the mistake, followed quickly by the Huffington Post.

    Here's to hoping modern media catches up on the Photoshop trolling thing. It can be difficult to disprove a well crafted edit, but this one was debunked minutes after it appeared, to the point of us not even bothering clearing it up.

    Thanks to Sleepysteve for sending it!