• More Major Pony Youtube Milestones Reached!

    We have once again hit some major Youtube milestones. Joining This Day Aria's 30 million viewcount, a few other videos have joined it in the big leagues. The impressive point here is how recent some of these are.

    There has been a pretty big faction of people mumbling about the fandom dying these past few years, but in reality it has shifted. Tons of people out there are still fans of the show, but in a less obsessive way than our 2013 golden age. They come out of hiding for major events.

    Now to the milestones!

    Starting us off, the very recently posted "Lullaby for a Princess" has already broken the 1 million view mark. Considering it appeared less than a month ago, that's pretty incredible this late on.

    Aiming for the big numbers, season 3's "What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me" has shot to a whopping 50,000,000 views, beating even This Day Aria.

    And finally, Equestria Girls may still be somewhat controversial in some circles, but there is no doubt that the songs are catchy. Joining the above in the 50 million club, Welcome to the Show also hit that point recently.

    There are plenty others out there reaching for the crazy counts. With episodes getting the axe pretty quickly over there, songs seem to be our main way to gauge Youtube view interest. Here's to hoping that keeps growing!

    Thanks to Dan, Ickery, and Quinson for the heads up!