• Meghan McCarthy is Now Head of Storytelling for Hasbro's Girl Brands

    She acted all sweet and innocent, but we knew what was really going on. World domination was her goal all along.  Don't believe her lies!

    Good news for Meghan McCarthy! Hasbro has absorbed her as the Head of Storytelling for their entire girls portfolio. Considering she already has a hand in seemingly most of it, I guess that isn't too big a surprise. The Deadline Hollywood article cites My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop in particular, with the upcoming movies added to the list.

    Will we see more madness migrate over to the other brands? I wouldn't mind some Pinkamena style antics invading Hasbro's other IP. I said it yesterday, having that in pony really helped bring in a lot of people, at least from my standpoint.

    Thanks to John Mellen, PinkiePie97 and Masem for sending it.